lack Arrow Company has a simple goal of helping the Leaders of Tomorrow learn to lead better than those before them. With decades of experience in emergency medicine, the US Marine Corps, and multiple international corporations, we have experienced and made countless critical decisions. Not all of these decisions have been good!

We have learned how to apply our techniques from the field of emergency medicine and the military to increase decision-making confidence, accuracy, and speed. We don’t want you to dread making decisions (or have a team dread you making one!)

The Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone is the first book published by Black Arrow Company’s Scott Cryer on making better decisions for yourself, your team, and your organization.

Check out our training opportunities below! We are also able to develop customized training for whatever leadership skills you'd like to hone!


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Controlling Chaos Team Training

With decades of experience in multiple high stress and dynamic industries, Black Arrow Company is able to provide training to help you and your teams manage stress and Control Chaos.

You don’t have to be an Executive to have a coach!

Any leader, at any level, can benefit from having someone in their corner to challenge them. By pushing you to reflect on your leadership style, actions, and decisions you will develop new ways of solving problems, leading teams, and achieving success!

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[The Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone] is sensational. It is both incredibly informative and engrossing. It is a pleasure to read, and the “solutions” [offered] in part 2 are doable, relevant, and powerful. [Scott’s] use of examples (from made-up scenarios to actual businesses; from [his] own life as a student, in the Marines, and as an EMS responder is superlative. [Scott] is insightful, funny, vulnerable even, and … comes off as a warm and passionate expert. All in all, hell yes.

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