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Controlling Chaos Team Training

With decades of experience in multiple high stress and dynamic industries, Black Arrow Company is able to provide training to help you and your teams manage stress and Control Chaos.

Do you or your team struggle with competing priorities? When things go south, do you or the team struggle to keep your head above water? Is the formerly occasional firefighting becoming a day to day battle of wills? Black Arrow Company is here to help!

Black Arrow Company will provide tools to improve prioritization, communication, and alter perspectives through interactive, challenging, and engaging exercises. All of the tools were developed through our experience in emergency medicine, the military, and international business.

Help you and your team move through the confusion and start Controlling the Chaos!

Control Your Chaos Today

What do you get?

Two Days of Instructor facilitated exercises

  • Day One: Experiencing Chaos
  • Day Two: Controlling Chaos

Two free Executive Coaching sessions for every attendee with a certified coach

Two individuals receive a free full eight-month coaching partnership


What do you get?

Monthly coaching sessions for 6 - 10 months one hour each.

  • Reframing perspectives
  • Exploring assumptions
  • Achieving your goals!

Organizational Coaching Partnership

You don’t have to be an Executive to have a coach!

Any leader, at any level, can benefit from having someone in their corner to challenge them. By pushing you to reflect on your leadership style, actions, and decisions you will develop new ways of solving problems, leading teams, and achieving success!

Are you stuck in a hole without a ladder? Do you seem to be stagnating at work? Are you always looking for ways to further develop yourself and your team? With our Certified Organizational Coach, we can help you climb out of that hole, get that next promotion, and build you and your team into the unstoppable force you've always wanted to be!.

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